wee wanders in a wooded wonderland

Inspired by my adventures in Scotland, Ireland and the forests in the Pacific Northwest, the magical things seen, and unseen have my artist’s heart! The faeries will include boys and girls in different sizes and poses, with a variety of wings in detailed forest-themed borders, backgrounds and scenes.

Please join me for Faerie Folk, my new monthly, year-long course for 2024! You can read all the details and purchase the course with a one-time payment or 12-month subscription on Teachable. Once you have purchased this course, you’ll find all your current courses listed as well! I can’t wait to share all the goodness in less than a month!


Learn how to draw confidently, watercolor with rainbow-sized color palettes, and use your amazing imagination to create delicately detailed secret stories. Illustrations are just stories without words, right?
Courses always include in-depth instructional videos, a variety of handouts that support your learning experience, helpful technique-driven exercises to grow your creative skillset, and, most importantly, start-to-finish projects

"I love taking Danielle's classes! She provides so much information and inspiration. It feels like in a private class in her studio! I truly appreciate all the effort she puts into her videos and handouts. I've seen my art progress and it's directly attributed to Danielle and her courses. Thank you, Danielle!

- Shannon Kain


I am an artist, author, and instructor working in a sunshine-filled studio in San Diego, California. My background in fine art and graphic design has shaped my illustrative style and offered me the opportunity to share my love of big color palettes, delicately drawn details, and use of white space with beginning to advanced students around the world.

Hey Sunshine,

Did you know I love nothing more than filling my little world with daily discoveries? I wonder if you do too. Occasional and intentional slow walks in nature, taking the time to notice the tiniest most wonderful things and all sorts of magical compilations of color. Hermit-like quiet time in my studio surrounded by and ever growing library of enchanting children's books and a bounty of carefully curated art supplies that keep me company and only ask for one thing in return - to be used up in all the ugliest and prettiest ways - telling my secret tales one story at a time. Perhaps you'll join me for a little while? I'd love to share all the creative possibilities with you.

Always, Danielle

Color Compilations.

Rather than drawing a botanical illustration of this intricate beauty, could you practice capturing the colors with a simple grid of watercolor squares? It's great mixing practice and very meditative. Take it a step further and start a photo journal with a simple watercolor grid. A weekly practice in color theory perhaps?

It doesn't have to be hard to be worthwhile, right?

Enchanting Books.

Childrens books are a plethora of inspiration. Lenny & Lucy Philip & Erin Stead has beautiful illustrations that use neutrals with small, focused pop of color on the cover. How could you use a limited palette using this same construct? Remember, the amount of a color is as important as the color itself.

Sometimes making mud is marvelous. I promise.

Curated Supplies.

Use your failures as gentle reminders to keep trying the hard stuff. I make a habit of cutting out my favorite part of a failed illustration to remind myself that there's always a little bit of beauty in the ugly stuff. Add a little note of encouragement and put it somewhere to remind you to keep try again. But maybe wait a little while?

If all else fails, organize supplies. So satisfying,