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How are my courses different?


How are my new course offerings different? You'll experience the best of both worlds with my blended learning approach, merging the convenience of online learning with the hands-on practice of a printable workbook.

I design my courses to help you bloom as an artist, offering in-depth online content and a workbook that keeps the learning going well after the videos end. My workbooks are more than just a pretty handout or two – they reinforce what you’ve learned in the videos, learn at your own pace, and builds a creative toolbox of knowledge you can open up anytime. It’s more than just a project - it’s about establishing an achievable, fulfilling artistic practice that helps you grow as an artist in all the best ways!


Throughout our creative time together, you'll learn how to illustrate a miniature mural infused with a gritty-meets-rainbow vibe using detailed pencilwork, watercolors, and a smidge of mixed-media.

Each of my courses are packed with comprehensive videos and a coordinating PDF Workbook. This course includes project exercises including creating textured watercolor washes, crafting wings ranging from simple to complex designs, and designing bitty boy and girl characters. Once our practice is finished, we'll use our remaining time together to confidently create three start-to-finish illustrations. Mighty Tiny offers an color-filled creative learning experience suitable for all skill levels, available both online and offline.

Please be aware that the photos shown on the sales page were produced in anticipation of the course and serve as illustrative examples of the course project. The level of detail, composition size, and elements present in these photos will correspond to those in the video projects.


Join me as I discover how to capture my idea of imaginative miniature murals with pencilwork, watercolor techniques, and a flourish of colored pencils. Breaking down and practicing new ideas to achieve a comfortable familiarity and completing illustrations from start to finish is a great way to your grow your artistic voice and avoid creative overwhelm. Once complete, you'll have new skills to add to your creative toolbox and an abundance of ideas, too!

Limited Palettes

Opting for a limited palette can enhance creativity, focusing on consistency and a deeper exploration of techniques instead of becoming overwhelmed by too many choices.

Bitty Beings

Artistic proportion is all about how the assembled parts of characters play together as a whole. It’s the magic ingredient for finding a balance of reality and imagination.

Urban Inspiration

Gathering photo references of unexpected locations and textures can serve as amazing inspiration for gritty textures and subtly patterned backgrounds.

Mighty Tiny. The following is a sampling of the curriculum and a list of supplies for this course. Most of the supplies I use are artist-grade and are a more significant investment than student-grade. I highly encourage you to use what you have and take notes while watching the videos for the first time. Then, invest in the supplies that will truly enhance your own art.
XO, Danielle

Example Curriculum

  Welcome to Mighty Tiny
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice Exercises | Urban Backgrounds
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice Exercises | Bitty Beings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice Exercises | Feathers Aloft
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Practice Exercises | Wing Anatomy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Illustration Project | Hawk Feathers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Illustration Project | Swan Wings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Illustration Project | Starling Wings
Available in days
days after you enroll
  The End of Mighty Tiny
Available in days
days after you enroll


Creative Essentials are the short list of basic supplies that I always have handy for my artwork and courses.

Artist-grade watercolors (pan or tube), watercolor-only brushes, artist-grade paper (140 lb., cold press, mechanical pencil (.3 mm HB lead), white vinyl eraser, tube of artist-grade traditional white gouache, mixing palette (white porcelain dish works as well), clear jar/clean water, paper towels, table salt, and craft dryer (Ranger)

For this course, I’ll be using the supplies detailed below. I advise checking your current collection and watching the videos before buying new items, as you might already have similar materials. Please note that the actual product colors may vary from those in the printed palette. I don’t have control over the supply availability or pricing, which can change based on your location, market trends and original publication date of course.

PAPER Arches Aquarelle, 140# Cold Press Block measuring 5.9X11.8 inches and Arches Aquarelle 300# Cold Press Block measuring 12X16 inches. If you prefer to use a tracing method, feel free to substitute pads rather than a block. Be sure it’s artist grade and at least 140# weight.

PAINT Winsor & Newton (WN) Gouache in Permanent White, Pale Rose Blush, and Neutral Gray #3. Schmincke (SCH) Watercolor in Haze Indigo and Forest Gray. Daniel Smith (DS) Watercolor in Indanthrone Blue, Phthalo Turquoise, Sap Green, Aurelian Yellow, Aussie Red-Gold, Quinacridone Rose, and Moonglow.

PENCILS Pilot Air Blanc Mechanical Pencil with .3 HB lead. Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencils (H) in White, Warm Gray #1-4, Beige, Shell Pink, Peach, Rose Pink, Cherry Blossom, Naples Yellow, Tangerine, Sand, Mustard, Leaf Green, Willow Green, Horizon Blue, Porcelain Blue, Prussian Blue, Lavender Blue, Rose Gray, and Sea Fog

BRUSHES Princeton Neptune Flat Brush #1, Silver LTD Black Velvet round brushes (Variety), and XSM Ruby Satin Triangle brush

OTHER Clear Ruler(s), Artists Tape, and Stylus

Please note that the supplies used in this course may not be available where you live or may have been discontinued based on the original course release date. If you’re having trouble finding a specific supply, you can try searching for art supply substitutions online.

Kind Words.

Mighty Tiny is my new favorite course! I loved the idea of practice exercises and even though I wanted to skip to the fun painting part, doing the practice totally paid off and now I have a completed illustration that I love! I didn't think it was possible to love watercolor more than I already did, but I do! -Jackie J.

Meet your Instructor

Hello, I’m Danielle Donaldson. With my trusty mechanical pencil (and eraser), a plethora of watercolors, a penchant for imagination-filled detail, and sprinkle of mixed media experimentation, we’ll adventure together and make some creative magic.

Helpful Workbooks

This course includes a substantial Workbook in PDF format that serves as a tangible reference of the video content and includes insight into my creative process. It also provides an opportunity to continue growing your creative skillset after the course is complete.

Let's Get Started!

EARLYBIRD SALE! Regularly $100, now 20% OFF until July 30, 2024.

CURRENCY. This course is priced in USD. REFUND POLICY. Because you have immediate access to the content of this course, I am unable to offer a refund. QUESTIONS? Send an email to [email protected]. Please allow 48 hours for response.


How long do I have access to this course?

The course comes with lifetime access and all lessons are downloadable as well.

What is included and how long are the videos? Scroll up to Course Curriculum. In addition to the videos, courses always include coordinating (PDF) Handout Packets.

Is this course suitable for all levels? All levels are always welcome! I try to teach to the middle in my courses. That means beginners might need to practice more and rewatch the videos more than once to grasp techniques and concepts. Advanced artists can use the content to elevate their style by taking bits of the course and infusing them into their own style.

Is high speed internet needed for the course?

Yes. You'll need a good internet connection to watch/download the videos.

Should I buy all of the art supplies used in this course? I highly encourage you to watch the videos and review the handouts prior to investing in new supplies. If you have fallen in love with watercolor and want to continue working with them, I do feel that to get the most out of watercolor-based art, you should consider investing in artist-grade paint, paper, and brushes.

Do you have an online community for your courses? The Danielle Donaldson Art Room is a private Facebook group for participants in all of my courses that is student-driven. You'll find the information to join once you have signed up and have access to the course.

I have a question about this course and can't seem to find the answer. I am happy to help! Please email me at [email protected]. Please allow 48 hours for a response prior to reaching out again.